Intention To Build

IntentionBuildingPacket.pdf 261.0KB

Schedule of Fees Policy.pdf


Town's Ordinances - Not a complete list

Aquifer.pdf 1.1MB
Building Notifation.pdf 805.9KB
GA.pdf 254.2KB
Minimum Lot.pdf 1.4MB
Mining Ordinance.pdf 703.5KB
Parking, Snow.pdf 166.4KB
Public Highway Excavation Ordinance.pdf 154.5KB
Road Posting.pdf 1.9MB
Shoreland Part1.pdf 275.4KB
Shoreland Part2.pdf 21.9MB
Site Plan.pdf 10.5MB
Site Plan Fee.pdf 249.8KB
Site Plan Review Application.pdf 100.0KB
Subdivision.pdf 17.0MB
Tax Acqired Property.pdf 108.7KB
Wind Energy Facility.pdf 15.0MB

Please contact Planning Board if you should have any ordinance questions.

Site Plan Review Application